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All star front.png
Health: 200
Primary: Football Cannon

Abilities: Imp Punt, Sprint Tackle, Dummy Shield, Long Bomb, Ultra Tackle, Shield Decoy
Variants: Baseball Star, Cricket Star, Goalie Star, Hockey Star, Rugby Star, Wrestling Star
Variants: Moto-X Star, Tennis Star

There are four basic Starting Zombies in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The All-Star is one of these four basic zombies. The All-Star is the tank of the Zombies, equipped with a short-duration shield and incredibly damaging, albeit slow loading, weapon. He has the highest health of all zombies, and can kick out an imp who is quite explosive.

Primary Weapon[edit | edit source]

The All-Star's primary weapon is the Football Cannon, a full-automatic weapon that never needs to be reloaded, but overheats very quickly and must stop being fired to cool down.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

As All-Star[edit | edit source]

  • Due to the all-star’s massive health, you will last extremely long when capturing gardens before you actually get vanquished.
  • When capturing gardens, watch out for chompers, your 200 health barely helps when he’s behind you.
  • All-star is one of the best class to capture gardens. His undying health means that he will need an extra beating to kill him(with the exception of some of Chomper’s ability). Your partner should be the scientist. If he lay down healing points at gardens, then most of the plants will have a hard time beating you.
  • Even though the All-star is the toughest playable character in-game, it came with a sacrifice. He moves slowly (possibly due to his heavy armor and weaponry). His charge attack doesn’t bring him very far, and the long recharge rate makes this ability horrible in terms of transportation even with the charge upgrade. Plus, the All-star’s armor makes him a huge target, easy to spot and land a shot at. This makes the All-star very vulnerable to damage.
  • Not only the All-star is tough, but his weapon was great at medium to long range. You can fire without needing to reload, but the All-star’s weapon overheats quickly (possibly the only weapon that overheats). This means that you won’t get into a situation when you forget to reload and find yourself in combat wasting time reloading.
  • The all-star’s football cannon is weak in terms of damage per shot, which leave the all-star quite vulnerable when engaged in a close-quarter combat, when enemies move very fast.
  • If the enemy is too close, there’s no point in leaving charge attack there. Go on, charge them, smash them in their face, and send them flying. While they're trying to get up, you have time to shoot the plant. You can even unroot rooted peashooter and sunflower. In some cases, you can kill multiple plants in a single charge. Come and get some, ya poncies!
  • Use your shield to cover yourself from long-range fire, or block off chompers that’s going to goop you or chomp you to death. You can block off paths, or buy yourself some time when you’re healing with the scientist’s healing point.
  • The Imp punt can take out plants that don't see it efficiently. They should be a second choice to take out plants that's trying to kill you. Due to it being slower than the charge attack, plants will likely move away from it if they see the imp punt, making it a less accurate ability than the charge. Although in successful blast, they will be more likely to kill the plant than the charge.

Against All-star[edit | edit source]

  • Unless you're a chomper, running towards the all-star to kill him face-to-face is a totally bad idea. He can charge at you and send you flying away, and most of the time he will follow it with his cannon to finish you off, or he can deploy the imp punt right at your face and kill you instantly. So keep your distance while trying to take him down.
  • As a chomper, the you're one of the best class against the All-star. His 200 health doesn't do anything if you manage to swallow him. The All-star's slow speed makes it easier for you to catch up with him when you burrow. Your goop can stop him from running. However, all of the all-star's ability can efficiently defend him from getting Chomped or swallowed. If you're approaching him from the front, he can charge right at you and knock you far away, and he will likely finish you off when you're trying to reach him again. He can also deploy the imp punt right at your face when you're trying to get behind him, or he can block your path to reach him, buying his teammate some time to kill you. If you're burrowing, he can run away by charging to somewhere else, and you will likely run out of dig power. When you're trying to kill an all-star, it is best to goop him and leave him helpless with only his football cannon to save him.
  • If you're combating one-on-one with the all-star, it's advised to move quickly to dodge his bullet. This gave you an advantage since the all-star is poor at running around dodging bullets due to his slow movement, especially when he's firing the football cannon.
  • The all-star is poor at close range if he doesn't have any abilities left. Making him very vulnerable.

Customization[edit | edit source]

All-Star Accessories[edit | edit source]

3d glasses a.png Baseball glasses a.png Blindfold a.png Boxing goggles a.png Crossbones a.png Fan art a.png Game plan a.png Jock patch a.png
Lacross glasses a.png Pork patch a.png Pylon eyes a.png Red hand of all star a.png Red lights a.png Scoreboard mask a.png Ski goggles a.png Soccer ball goggles a.png
Stripes a.png Swim meet goggles a.png Target a.png White shades a.png Wiper shades a.png Yellowish shades a.png

All-Star Facial Hair[edit | edit source]

Beard of thrones a.PNG Clown punk a.PNG Football a.PNG Full a.PNG Handlebar a.PNG Lambchops a.PNG Oldtime a.PNG Pigtails a.PNG
Star a.PNG Viking a.PNG

All-Star Gestures[edit | edit source]

Back flip a.png Celebrate a.png Champion a.png Fancy dance a.png Party boy a.png Sashay a.png Something something a.png The groove a.png
The move a.png Tornado a.png Trickster a.png Wave a.png

All-Star hats[edit | edit source]

Cheese a.png Complete scoreboard a.png Crazy a.png Future brainzball helm a.png Golf a.png Impressive a.png Kendo men a.png Number one a.png
Pig a.png Popcorn mask a.png Racoon a.png Ratchet a.png Red a.png Safe bicycle helmet a.png Safe cage a.png Siren a.png
Snack a.png Soccer ball a.png Tire head a.png Trophy hat a.png Winning a.png Zombie a.png

All-Star Weapon Skins[edit | edit source]

Blue 2 a.PNG Blue 3 a.PNG Blue 4 a.PNG Blue 5 a.PNG Blue 6 a.PNG Blue a.PNG Chrome 1 a.PNG Chrome 2 a.PNG
Chrome 3 a.PNG Chrome 4 a.PNG Chrome a 2.PNG Chrome a.PNG Future a.PNG Gold 1 a.PNG Gold 2 a.PNG Gold 3 a.PNG
Gold 4 a.PNG Gold 5 a.PNG Gold a.PNG Ice box a.PNG Playbook a.PNG Rust a.PNG Stripe a.PNG Violet a.PNG
Virtual 1 a.PNG Virtual 2 a.PNG Virtual 3 a.PNG Virtual 4 a.PNG Virtual a.PNG Zombot a.PNG