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Boss Mode

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Boss Mode is a unique mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare which allows players to take on the roles of either Crazy Dave or Dr. Zomboss to support their troops from a top-down view. This mode utilizes the Kinect or a SmartGlass compatible device. It is not yet added to the playstation version yet.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The biggest challenge in Boss Mode is managing resources. When playing in this mode, Brainz and Sundrops will fall on the screen. You will have to grab them, with each worth 25 of that resource, to effectively deploy your resources and troops.

Health and Danger[edit | edit source]

Keep in mind that in Boss Mode, you ARE NOT invincible - quite the opposite in fact, as both Crazy Dave and Dr. Zomboss hover above the battlefield as giant targets. Each boss only has 2,000HP, making them susceptible to concentrated fire.

Types of Boss Abilities[edit | edit source]

Airstrike[edit | edit source]

The Airstrike is the most powerful destructive ability in the game, allowing you to cut off an entire area to the enemy through the use of a timed, highly damaging barrage of explosives.

Heal[edit | edit source]

Healing does what it says on the tin - it allows for the rapid healing of your team via healing stations, which allows your team to project their power further and for longer than other conventional healing means.

Resurrect[edit | edit source]

Resurrection abilities allow you to immediately or quickly call up those troops who have died in combat.

Spotting[edit | edit source]

Spotting is the cheapest of the boss abilities, and one of the most useful. This ability will allow you to see the enemy's exact positions and communicate them to your team.

Crazy Dave[edit | edit source]

Crazy Dave will fly over the battlefield in his RV to help out the Plants using his various tech devices.

Cherry Strike[edit | edit source]

Launches a barrage of cherries at enemies below. Cost: 250 Sunlight

Coconut Spotting Station[edit | edit source]

Dave will place spotting stations around the map to track enemy movements and show zombie locations on the minimap. Cost: 75 Sunlight

Twin Heal Flower[edit | edit source]

A Plant that heals faster than the Standard Heal Flower. Cost: 100 Sunlight

Revive Rainbow[edit | edit source]

Deploys a rainbow next to fallen plants, allowing them to more quickly resurrect. Cost: 250 Sunlight

Dr. Zomboss[edit | edit source]

Cone Strike[edit | edit source]

The Cone Strike is a powerful explosive barrage of traffic cones, armed with explosives. Cost: 250 Brainz

Reviving Brains BBQ[edit | edit source]

The Reviving Brains BBQ allows you to more quickly resurrect your zombies, getting them back to the battlefield as soon as possible. Cost: 250 Brainz

Superb Zomboss Radar[edit | edit source]

The Superb Zomboss Radar is a spotting ability which allows you to track the location of all nearby plants, and communicate that to your team. Cost: 75 Brainz

Zomboss Healing Station[edit | edit source]

This healing station allows for efficient and quick healing of the zombie team. Cost: 100 Brainz