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There are four basic Starting Plants in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The Peashooter is one of these four starting plants. The Plant's main assault troop, the Peashooter is equipped with an automatic weapon, explosive chili beans, and a hyper mode which makes him the perfect front-line juggernaut.

Primary Weapon[edit | edit source]

The Peashooter's primary weapon is the Pea Cannon, a semi-automatic weapon equipped with a 10-round magazine. The cannon shoots splash damage causing peas to splatter, which can injure a wide swath of enemies without directly hitting them (though this damage is reduced due to the nature of splash versus direct damage).

Primary Weapon Modifications[edit | edit source]

The Peashooter's primary can be modified using the following mods:

  • Hyper Plant Food - Causes the Peashooter's general reload time to decrease.
  • Extra Peas! - Ammo capacity is increased.
  • Super Pea Ammo - Grants a decent damage increase to the Peashooter.

How to Play the Peashooter[edit | edit source]

In Garden Ops, the Peashooter is an invaluable asset to your team. Mid to close range combat is very useful for taking out any Zombies coming towards the garden. The Pea Cannon is a devastating weapon for the Peashooter, especially when you aim for the head. This can even kill some Zombies in one hit. The Chili Bean Bomb is great for crowd control due to all Zombies in an immediate area crowding towards it. This will not only make waves go much faster, but it will give you a lot of coins as well. Hyper can be used to escape from a strong boss or to climb up to the roofs for safety.

Team Vanquish and Gardens and Graveyards play out much in the same way, except getting to rooftops is a little more important for vanquish streaks and cover. Use the Chili Bean Bomb for engineers when they are building or for Zombie Health Stations. Otherwise, you probably won't use it too much. Hyper is much more efficient in these game modes as it now can be used to escape players much quicker and find cover faster rather than it being used offensively.

Customization[edit | edit source]

Peashooter Costumes[edit | edit source]

[Coming soon]...

Peashooter Accessories[edit | edit source]

3d glasses.png BeeShades.png Blindfold.png CaterpillarGlasses.png Cube glasses.png CucumberGlasses.png Cucumber shades.png Designer type glasses.png
EyeGlasses.png Floral glasses.png Future shades.png Laser shades.png Leaf glasses.png Lemon zest.png Magnificent shades.png Monocle.png
Orange shades.png Prisms.png PurpleDoozies.png Red dot shades.png ScanningVisor.png Scouters.png Snorkle gear.png Speed goggles.png
Star glasses.png SunnysideEyes.png SuperHUD.png Swirl shades.png Teleglasses.png WoodshopGlasses.png

Peashooter Tattoos[edit | edit source]

AutumnLeaves.png Aztec.png Clown.png Color spikes.png DiamondWaves.png Dirt spots.png Eye spikes.png FlowerPattern.png
Full tribal.png Gameday.png GlamRock.png Green camo.png Green floral.png Half tribal.png Kisses.png Mom.png
Ouchie.png PlumberStache.png Scar.png Smiley.png Spirng egg.png Stamps.png TheVillain.png ThinStripes.png
Tiles.png Wasteland.png YellowDots.png Yellow flower.png YellowStars.png Zebra.png

Peashooter Hats[edit | edit source]

BasketHead.png Big top.png Bird nest.png Bowler.png BrownNutHat.png Buddy.png Cheap toque.png Coconut hat.png
Cool guy hat.png Egghead.png Eggplant hat.png Green bandana.png Green pepper hat.png Growing flower hat.png Heli-cap.png IneffectiveHat.png
JarCandy.png LampShade.png LeafPatrol.png MagicPeaceHat.png Mysterious hat.png Orange peel hat.png PatternedPotHat.png Pinecone hat.png
Pop cap hat.png Prince cap.png Raccoon super cap.png SquashCap.png StewardsCap.png Stinky the snail.png StrikerCap.png SturdyStrawHat.png
Toy soldier.png WarmSportsCap.png Yellow pepper hat.png

Peashooter Organics[edit | edit source]

Banana hands.png Bok choy.png Carrot hands.png Corn.png Crook hands.png Daikon.png Durian.png Fern hands.png
Fire thorns.png Gold pods.png Grapes.png Green onions.png Green pods.png HulaArms.png Ice thorns.png Jalapenos.png
Pickles.png Pinecones.png Pink special.png Rattles.png Robo pods.png SaltPepper.png SpaceProbes.png Squash.png
TikiArms.png Thorns.png VanquishedFish.png Wheat.png White cukes.png Woolen mitts.png

Unlockable Peashooter Gestures[edit | edit source]

Attitude.png Cackle.png Celebrate.png DirtSucker.png Egyptian.png Happy dance.png PeashooterPunchout.png Rad beans.png
File:Slice n dice.mp4 Stompin' peas.png StrumMaster.png The unicorn.png Untouchable.png Wave.png Whirligig.png