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Sunflower front.PNG
Health: 100
Primary: Sun Pulse

Abilities: Heal Beam, Sunbeam, Heal Flower, Rainbow Heal Beam, Solar Flare Beam, Dark Flower
Variants: Alien Flower, Fire Flower, Metal Petal, Mystic Sunflower, Power Flower, Shadow Flower, Sun Pharaoh
Variants: Stuffy Flower, Vampire Flower

There are four basic Starting Plants in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The Sunflower is one of these four starting plants. The Sunflower is the main medic class for the Plants, and she is outfitted accordingly. She also has the fastest overall movement of all classes, which can help when looking for and healing teammates.

Primary Weapon[edit | edit source]

The Sunflower's main weapon, the Sun Pulse, is a fully automatic weapon with a 50 round magazine. The Sun Pulse has great accuracy, matched with a somewhat decent rate of fire, though it is under-armed in terms of damage to make up for the abilities of this class.

Primary Weapon Modifications[edit | edit source]

The Sunflower's primary can be modified using the following mods:

  • Photosynthesis Upgrade - Turns sunlight into extra energy, making reloading quicker.
  • Extra Sunlight! - Increases sunlight ammo capacity.
  • Super Nova Sunlight - Creates a more powerful Sun Pulse.

How to Play the Sunflower[edit | edit source]

The Sunflower is a medic class, and has all the trappings as such. Make sure to keep an eye on your health, as you can be quickly overwhelmed in no time flat. Make sure you are supporting your team - don't forget the medic class, while able to defend herself, is a support class, and should be played accordingly.Reccomended for Team Vanquish and Gardens and Graveyards

Customization[edit | edit source]

Sunflower Accessories[edit | edit source]

AlmostAlienShades.png Broken glasses.PNG BrownSlantedGlasses.png Coconut glasses sf.PNG Coconut patch sf.PNG Flamers sf.PNG Future shades sf.PNG GoldenEighties.png
Groovy glasses.PNG Kiwi glasses sf.PNG Lightning glasses sf.PNG Masquerade sf.PNG Molten glasses sf.PNG Peace shades sf.PNG Perfect vision sf.PNG Pineapple glasses sf.PNG
Pixel glasses sf.PNG PrettyPinkGlasses.png PurifiedShades.png Scuba goggles.PNG Shutter shades.PNG SplatterGlasses.png Super disguise sf.PNG Super spy sf.PNG
Tanning goggles sf.PNG Thorn glasses.PNG Tree stumps sf.PNG Uper magnifiers sf.PNG Walnut glasses sf.PNG White visor sf.PNG

Sunflower Tattoos[edit | edit source]

ButterflyFace.png Catface sf.png Exotic swirls.png ExoticTribal.png Extensions.png Face paint sf.png Fancy eyes sf.png Firelashes.png
Freckles sf.png Green vine sf.png Lipstick sf.png Mask sf.png Mime sf.png Mini flowers sf.png Ordinary clown sf.png PurpleButterflies.png
Ouchies sf.png Outbreak sf.png RazorTeeth.png Serious.png Shadowlashes.png Sun spots sf.png Sunburn sf.png Sunlight sf.png
Sunswirls sf.png Surprised clown sf.png TheCreep.png TwoFace.png WhiteSlices.png White tribal sf.png

Sunflower Hats[edit | edit source]

AutumnSnapCap.png BeggarCap.png ButtonBeanie.png Chauffeur sf.png Crazy pot sf.png CoolGirlHat.png Crooked top hat sf.png DealerChoice.png
Dr sunny sf.png Feathered horns sf.png Fume shroom cap sf.png Gold mask sf.png Grave buster sf.png Greenlander.png JesterHat.png Nurse cap sf.png
Orange cap sf.png Orange mask sf.png Organic nurse cap sf.png Potted cap sf.png Pumpkin surprise sf.png RainbowParadise.png RoboMask.png Scrubs sf.png
Silver strainer sf.png Squiddy.png Straw hat sf.png StripedHat.png Sun crown sf.png Sun mask sf.png Sundrop head sf.png Tallnut toque sf.png
TropicalHat.png Watermelon sf.png Wizard sf.png

Sunflower Organics[edit | edit source]

Artistic flowers sf.PNG BambooShoots.png Burst dots sf.PNG Cast hands sf.PNG Chrome domes sf.PNG Cocnuts sf.PNG DangerBananas.png Color burst sf.PNG
Flashlights sf.PNG Future hands sf.PNG GreenFlowers.png Happy hands sf.PNG Medic.png Melons sf.PNG Mirror balls sf.PNG MushroomHands.png
Oranges sf.PNG Pink flowers sf.PNG Pinwheels sf.PNG PlungerHands.png PottedEyes.png Purple crystals sf.PNG Satellite dishes sf.PNG
Shopper.png SolarHands.png SunblockHands.png SunWheels.png Watering cans sf.PNG White flowers sf.PNG Yellow buds sf.PNG

Sunflower Gestures[edit | edit source]

Barrel roll sf.png Celebrate sf.png Giddy up sf.png HappyFunTickleSpin.png Happy twirl sf.png PauseThumpyThump.png PerfectZen.png Plant it sf.png
Psych out sf.png Soil kicker sf.png Sun chop sf.png Sunflip sf.png Super joy sf.png The watering can sf.png Wave sf.PNG