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Tips and Tricks

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  • Future home of tips and tricks. Feel free to add your own below!
  • The Peashooter plant and the Foot Soldier zombie are the easiest class for beginners since they are basically "shoot stuff" classes and have jumping/flying abilities to help you escape tricky situations.
  • Playing the original Plants vs. Zombies game can be a helpful way to become familiar with some of the basic abilities of the plants and zombies in Garden Warfare.
  • If you want to try a quasi-single player game, start a Garden Ops game and set the room to invite only.
  • Save your coins to buy the more expensive stickers, as these contain the best power-ups and accessories (and there's no way to get coins besides playing!).
  • Following the challenges for each class will help you earn new abilities and mods quickly, especially early in the game!
  • Use the ability to switch classes mid-game to your advantage! For instance, if the enemy team is full of chompers, you can swap to cactus to pick them off from high ground.
  • Use your mines and tall-nuts often as a Cactus. Since the regenerate pretty quickly, you can't really "waste" them.

Character Specific Tips[edit | edit source]

How to Play the Chomper[edit | edit source]

The Chomper is the most powerful unit in the Plants arsenal, which is saying quite a lot. His Burrow ability grants an opportunity for instant knockout, if used correctly. Toggle the ability and hide underground, which will let you move extremely quickly towards the enemy. When you're underneath one of the zombies, a reticule should appear allowing you to pop up and take them out. The Burrow ability can also be used to great effect as a defensive move, making the Chomper a pretty "rounded out" unit. You can also use the Chomper's burrow to evade enemies if you are at low health.

How to Play the Cactus[edit | edit source]

The Cactus is all about location; because of your relatively limited amount of mines and your lack of speed, knowing where to place your ordnance and where to hunker down is going to be key to your survival and success. Before engaging, deploy the Garlic Drone to see over the battlefield, which should let you pick out a decent spot to hide out and deploy your weaponry.

How to Play the Foot Soldier[edit | edit source]

The Foot Soldier is best used from high ground; utilize your stink cloud to cloud the vision of your enemies, and then rocket jump to a high, defensible location in order to safely blast the enemy with your ZPG from afar. If you get to high ground before the stink cloud dissipates into the air, you should be able to catch them off guard; even more points for firing your ZPG while in midair, delivering death from above with efficiency and precision.

How to Play the Engineer[edit | edit source]

The Engineer is the perfect counter to the almost-overpowered Chomper. Your cannon not only does a decent amount of damage to him and his cronies, it can also deliver excessive amounts of damage when used in conjunction with the stunning effect of the Sonic Grenade, letting you stop the Chomper mid-burrow and ending his reign of carnage.

How to Play the Scientist[edit | edit source]

The Scientist is a support class, and needs to be played as such. Be aware of your surroundings, but also keep aware that you are literally the only thing that can turn your team's situation around nine times out of ten. Deploy your healing station in a defensible area, and buckle in for some siege warfare.